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New Acquisitions at the Great American West Gallery

We are pleased to have recently added numerous significant paintings and bronzes to our gallery inventory including works by today's most sought after and desirable Western artists including: As Seasons Change by Martin Grelle; Yellow Scarf by Howard Terpning; Winter Palette, Good Company, and Sunup by Bill Anton; Soggy Morning by G. Harvey; and Morning Light by Kyle Polzin.  We have also acquired works from several important deceased Wester masters including: Surprise Meeting by Frank Tenney Johnson; Elk Foot (Corner of Studio) by Joseph Sharp; Flag Bearer II and The VIctor by Harry Jackson; Coyotes and Cactus by James Reynolds; Bulebonnets and Oak Tree by Texas landscape painter Porfirio Salinas; Appeal to the Great Spirit by Cyrus Dallin; An Honest Try by Bob Scriver; and Scratching Moose by Bob Kuhn. This is a partial listing of new gallery additions so please view our Available Artwork page for a complete listing. (Image to the left is Yellow Scarf by Howard Terpning)